Richard Oh

CEO and Founder at BlockPack
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Richard Oh, Founder and CEO BlockPack

With over 20 years of professional experience in investment banking and recent entrepreneurial efforts, Richard has cultivated a diverse network amongst the major platforms and emerging companies in the NFT space. Hailed as an expert problem solver among his peers and with solid strategy execution skills, he recognizes the transformational event within the NCAA changing their long-standing policy on name, image, and likeness and the opportunity it presents to support college sports programs, communities, and student-athletes with his revolutionary NFT program designed to deliver maximum results with the application of game theory auction design.

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  • "We start with basically a collective," Oh said. "So it's a function of boosters and large-dollar people who say, 'I want to buy, I want to support the team, I don't care about how many NFTs I get, I want to contribute X.'"

    7 April 2022
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