Rick Jordan

Founder & CEO at ReachOut Technology
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As Founder and CEO of ReachOut Technology, Rick's mission is to protect business owners and companies from cyber criminals and insider threats. Over the past 20 years, he have been trained by the CIA and NSA, established the Geek Squad as the US B2B brand you know today, served as a Managing Partner and Director for the ISA, and developed advanced cybersecurity programs used by countless organizations across the nation.

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  • But it’s the methods at which they go about it that are different. Most want to have a healthy, happy America where people are not dying and where we can lean on officials that we’ve elected to actually do the right thing, rather than acting only in their own self-interest. However, a lot of the humanness has been taken away over the past six months in the name of science and whatever else.

    11 May 2021
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