Rick Simmons

Founder/CEO at the telos institute
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Rick Simmons is the Founder and CEO at the telos institute. Rick is an experienced coaching and consulting professional with more than a decade spent collaborating with leaders at the highest levels of organizations to optimize their businesses and their lives. He is a trusted advisor and coach to the world’s foremost leaders, leadership teams, and organizations.

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  • This distinction validates our ability to execute on telos' mission to liberate greatness. As we mark telos' 15th anniversary, this ranking recognizes our work with leaders, teams and organizations to embrace change as a remarkable catalyst for real transformation. When harnessed, these liminal spaces have massive potential to help leaders and everyday individuals accomplish things previously unimaginable. Not only do we use this philosophy to help our clients, but we employ it ourselves at the telos institute.

    30 August 2021
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