Rim Charkani

CEO and Co-Founder at WALO
On the record

I believe I have a personal responsibility to make a positive impact on society. I choose to be bold and brave to challenge the status quo and I seize every opportunity to make a difference. Also, I'm a business strategy specialist, a tech enthusiast and a natural-born entrepreneur. Currently on a mission to enhance financial literacy for future generations, as the co-founder & CEO of WALO.app.

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  • Financial literacy is something that people want to teach their kids, similar to telling them to eat their vegetables. But many just don’t or can’t do it. If we can help teach kids today to start saving early, and not get into bad debt, it can have a huge impact.

    2 August 2021
  • Parents will soon be able to open digital bank accounts for their kids directly within the WALO app, and create advanced controls and rules to help them gain practical money skills in a safe space.

    2 August 2021
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