Ritukar Vijay

CEO at Ottonomy.io
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Playing a disruptive role in the robotics / autonomous tech revolution, which the world is witnessing NOW; he is on - bridging the gap between science fiction and current technologies to revolutionize the way we live, travel, work

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  • Scaling technologies like robotics in public spaces is extremely challenging, there are many outside factors to consider when embarking in an industry that involves consumer-facing interaction. In the development of our technology, our team was careful to factor in safety to ensure that the solution would be plug and play and scalable for the enterprise.

    10 December 2021
  • At Ottonomy, we are committed to bringing anytime, anywhere deliveries to the restaurant industry. Combined with Presto‚Äôs exciting offerings in conversational AI, computer vision, and integrated touch, this partnership can enable restaurants to boost their efficiency and serve guests with greater efficiency.

    10 December 2021