Rob Shaw

SVP Sales and Managing Director EMEA at Fluent Commerce and 2 other companies
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  • The collaboration with OSF Commerce is an acknowledgement of the imperative for retailers to provide an innovative customer experience and convenience options. By working together we'll grow and unlock new business value for our clients by enabling them to rapidly deploy a unified commerce strategy using out-of-the-box capabilities. We're certainly very excited by this joint endeavour.

    3 January 2020
  • LiveArea is a recognisable name in the commerce space, with impressive expertise and experience with big global brands that make this such an exciting and productive partnership. Our relationship provides retailers with a full omnichannel commerce offering. For customers, this means receiving orders faster and ordering through their preferred channel, while for retailers it means increased sales, reduced fulfillment costs and improved customer retention.

    2 January 2020
  • The Fluent Commerce platform allows retailers to use their existing stores as additional mini warehouses.

    8 October 2019
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