Robert Jayne

Chief Production Officer at Nationwide Mortgage Bankers
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With over 26 years of experience, Robert Jayne (NMLS #3378) is a recognized leader in the mortgage industry. Over the years he has built personal relationships with both consumers and business professionals. Robert always has the best interest of the client in mind. He takes the time to meet with each of his clients in determining what the overall financial goal is. His relationships are the most valuable part of his business and is demonstrated in each business partner referral he receives. Robert has become a recognized figure within the reverse mortgage industry, he is a Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional designated by the National Reverse Mortgage Lending Association. He has focused on actively educating financial professionals such as financial planners, estate planners, accountants and attorneys on how a reverse mortgage is being used as a financial planning tool now more then ever before.

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  • Our loan officers and branch managers are utilizing our support system, our communication system, our technology platform and our marketing platform to help grow their business. All of the thinking has already been done for them.

    2 October 2022
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