Robert Kiggins

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Robert J. Kiggins is a member of Culhane Meadows Corporate & General Business and Taxation groups. After 30 years of practice, he has gained extensive experience in corporate finance and tax matters involving securities broker-dealers, investment advisors, investment companies, life insurance companies, hedge funds, medical practice purchases and sales, insurance agencies and bank expansion into insurance and securities fields.

He and several of our other partners focus on helping organize startup companies. Mr. Kiggins also represents a number of closely held businesses in such industries as medicine, dentistry, hospitality, direct mail monitoring and list protection, computer software, insurance agency, securities brokerage, and investment management.

Mr. Kiggin’s corporate and tax practice is international in scope and has involved clients in such diverse countries as Argentina, Brazil, Cyprus, England, Israel, Russia, and South Africa. He is especially familiar with the regulations and compliance imposed on securities broker-dealers, investment advisors, insurance companies and insurance agencies.

Mr. Kiggins is a frequent speaker on tax topics both here and abroad. In addition to his contributions to this firm’s News Blog, he regularly authors and publishes articles on the Internet. He is fluent in English, Spanish and written Portuguese and has served a number of Hispano-American business clients. He has also been a member of the Japan Society, where he has studied intermediate level Japanese.