Robert Redd

Senior Director, Enterprise Networking at ConvergeOne
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With responsibility for Public Sector solutions at ConvergeOne, Robert Redd leads a national organization providing vertical expertise and consulting for over 1,800 clients in K-12 and Higher Education, public administration, and more. Robert teams with technologists and vertical trailblazers from across the country to help community leaders identify and define their technology initiatives as business priorities supporting student engagement and a culture of success.

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  • Redd considers cybersecurity a way to prevent learning loss, as cyberattacks can cause districts to shut down for days. But addressing K-12 cybersecurity is going to take a collaborative effort among federal, state and local agencies as well as ed tech companies, he said.

    “It’s going to continue to be a staggering problem because it’s so lucrative. The target is learning and education,” Redd said. “Districts need to have an answer.”

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