Rocco Del Greco

Founder, Entrepreneur, Chief Marketing Officer, Workplace Productivity Coach at The New York Group
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About Rocco Del Greco

Rocco Del Greco is a high achieving entrepreneurial chief marketing communications officer (CMO), strategist, educator, public speaker and philanthropist with extensive experience in marketing strategy and tactics, brand engagement, creative design and communications, team engagement and learning systems development.

Throughout his career, Rocco has built teams of creative thinkers and life-long learners by fostering a mentorship-style workplace based on the zone of proximal development theory developed by psychologist Lev Vygotsky, where achievement and productivity are greatly enhanced through peer assistance and collaboration.

Rocco allocates time to conduct learning sessions and webinars in the areas of professional sales, personal and corporate branding, marketing strategy and internet marketing. He has also taught college-level courses in marketing, advertising, retailing, public relations and entrepreneurship.

Rocco's advocacy and interests include animal rescue and adoption, entrepreneurial ventures, technology development and application, alternative education systems, music education and early childhood development, community involvement with the arts, astronomy, meteorology, jazz music, improvisation and playing piano.

Rocco resides in Forest Hills, Queens, New York City with his family and two rescue dogs.

About The New York Group

The New York Group, founded in 1995, is a full-service marketing communications agency with dedicated teams specializing in brand development, creative advertising, strategic and tactical marketing, sales development, publicity, web interactive, audio/visual production and content engagement; worked with clients nationwide to empower their brands, develop strategic positioning, enhance competitive advantages, expand target markets, build revenue and customer relationships, attract top talent, and achieve marketplace leadership.

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  • Your brand's people interact with customers through in store experiences, calls, emails, text, letters, online chat, webinars, blog articles, social media posts, and more. Everyone should be involved in delivering your brand's promise.

  • When it comes to customer feedback, rapid response to any negative occurrence leads to higher satisfaction, better customer outcomes and increased retention.

  • From social posts and online review to online chat and blog comments, consumers have more influence than ever over brands and their sales process.

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