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Rodrigo Albir is an Interior Architect and Furniture Designer with wide-ranging international experience. Prior to founding Studio RODA in Miami, he collaborated with the world-renowned New York-based design firms Yabu Pushelburg and Studio Sofield on a variety of superior hospitality and luxury retail projects. Reflecting his Honduran childhood, Albir’s creations share a casual elegance underscored by premier craftsmanship, exceptional materials and understated glamour. His signature synthesis of eclectic design styles creates dynamic, harmonious bespoke commercial and residential designs that suit a site’s unique context and the client’s precise desires.

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  • We also listen to the environment: sun, wind and local culture. We avoid trends that way to tap into something more meaningful in the place, client or ourselves. We listen to the architecture. I always try for our interior design proposal to be an extension of the architecture so there is a seamless connection between the two realms. In that way, too, the house will always feel like it was done by a unified team.

    16 November 2021
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