Rom Lakrtiz

Co-Founder - CEO at Anchor
On the record
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He is the co-founder and CEO of Anchor, also a certified CPA, attorney, and CFO. He is a seasoned leader with an unstoppable curiosity to thoroughly and methodically understand everything he dives into. Rom's career started at an early-stage venture capital fund. After completing the accounting exams and becoming a CPA, he started working at EY in the economic department. After his tenure there, I founded a boutique economic consulting firm to advise small businesses. I there began suffering from the pains of billing, collection, and late payments, but the technology was not there yet to help. Since then, he has become part of the founding team and executive of five different startups and have led the acquisition of Fireglass for $250M by Symantec, Omnix funding of over $35M, and an IPO of a London-based company in the LSE. Now, he has returned to solve the challenge experienced in the past, the pain of B2B billing & payments with the Fintech startup Anchor for all service providers and businesses.

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