Rozit Arditi

Principal at Arditi Design
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Rozit is the Principal at Arditi Design. Her background in furniture design gave her an appreciation for craftsmanship along with a unique perspective on detail, texture and consideration for client’s needs. Rozit believes your home should reflect you, not the latest trends, someone’s else’s Pinterest page, or her own style. She blends her talent and expertise with your lifestyle, memories, personality and quirks. With this unique point of view, she transforms each and every space, marrying a range of styles with a brave use of color, texture and time periods to design a home where you feel that you belong. Rozit's passion for perfection and ambition for quality creates a positive experience throughout the process. With an open ear and keen eye, Arditi Design works one-on-one with with you to bring the world’s most personal space to life – your home.

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  • If you already have a vibe you are creating, I suggest bringing a smaller item into the space to create that ’aristofreak’ vibe—that unexpected item or object to throw it off, yet somehow just works. It’s about creating that perfect tension and balance. Stick with three colors that go well together. Typically, I find a bold color and then add two supporting colors that go well to balance the rest of the design.

    25 April 2022
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