Rupert Brown

CTO and Founder at Evidology Systems
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Always at the center of change and innovation, Rupert has for many decades been part of the C-suite, involved in developing, implementing and managing enterprise and trading risk technology with some of the largest and most influential global financial institutions.

MarkLogic, UBS, Merrill Lynch and Thomson Reuters are just some of the institutions which have benefited from Rupert’s vision, experience and ability to deliver enterprise-wide change.

Having seen the shortcomings of the first generation RegTech solutions he set about creating a better solution that incorporated the all-important legal opinion perspective – the result is Evidology.

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  • "Evidology Systems is founded on the premise that modern regulatory compliance is a set of design and engineering activities that need to be applied to both:

    Outcomes, i.e. demonstrating actual compliance with a set of regulations, standards or policies.
    The supply chain that delivers the outcomes, i.e. lawyers, advisory and consulting services, in-house management and operational roles.
    We have yet to encounter any company that fully understands all the regulations with which they have to comply or has a mechanism to manage and adapt to changes driven by external political activities (e.g. Brexit) or significant macro events (2008 crash, Covid-19).

    We have both spent most of our careers enabling automation and optimisation of financial trading processes and are bringing our QED platform to market to deliver “Straight Through Compliance” as a natural extension of this evolutionary process." -TechRound,

    13 June 2022