Ruth Gordon-Martin

Founder & CEO at CODDLE
On the record

When Ruth was expecting her first child she read a lot about what to expect during pregnancy. She even went as far as buying the 1000-page Mayo Clinic Book of Pregnancy and Baby’s First Year. What Ruth didn't read about was; what to expect after giving birth and how to care for her self during recovery.

During postpartum Ruth was clueless about the realities. She had lost so much blood during her c-section surgery that she was diagnosed with postpartum anemia and had to get a blood transfusion. Ruth wasn’t prepared for how completely immobile c-section makes you. She never imagined it would hurt like hell or that she would cry the first time she tried to walk. No one mentioned the sheer exhaustion that happens in the first few days home. Ruth didn’t know you could have postpartum ailments; she had an umbilical hernia.

It’s because of all these experiences Ruth created CODDLE.

Ruth Gordon-Martin is a wife and mom to two adorable kids. Ruth founded CODDLE to share her postpartum struggles and those of other moms while building a community to empower moms-to-be as well as creating safe organic postpartum products for new mom self care. Ruth wants every mom-to-be to prepare for what is one of the most life altering experience she will have. Because every mom should have all the information, care and support they need to prepare for postpartum.

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