Saleh Taghvaeian

Extension Specialist in Water Resources and Assistant Professor at Oklahoma State University
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I am an associate professor and extension specialist in water resources at the Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, Oklahoma State University. My main responsibility is to work with Oklahoma producers to address current and emerging water management challenges (e.g. water scarcity, adoption of precision irrigation management techniques, and salt buildup in the root zone).

Prior to this, I was a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Colorado State University. During 2.5 years at this position, I collaborated with state and federal agencies on projects that evaluated deficit irrigation regimes as an alternative to the "Buy & Dry," a scenario that has resulted in deterioration of rural economies in parts of Colorado.

I received my PhD in Irrigation Engineering from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Utah State University, where I was a research and teaching assistant at the Remote Sensing Services Lab, and the Huntsman On-Site Wastewater Treatment Demonstration Site.

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