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Salem Esber Energy Markets Expert at PA Consulting. His primary area of expertise is in energy infrastructure merger, acquisition, financing, and development with deeper specialization in power market fundamentals, policy, and clean energy technology. Salem's clients include independent power producers, private equity firms, utilities, investment banks, and law firms. He holds an MS in Technology and Policy from MIT and a BS in Chemical Engineering from Ohio University, Cum Laude.

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  • But you still need to do something with the CO2 once you’ve captured it, and that can add a lot to the cost of carbon capture. Several companies are working on ways to use captured CO2 as feedstock for chemicals and fuels. Emitters in some areas can connect to a growing network of CO2 pipelines that send the gas underground for sequestration or use it to extract fossil fuels from depleted oil and gas wells.

    19 November 2021
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