Sam Melnick

VP of Customer Success & Insights at Allocadia
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As VP of Customer Success and Insight, Sam Melnick is dedicated to providing value to Allocadia’s customers through every interaction they have with the company. Throughout his career Sam has led marketing and customer success teams at growing SaaS organizations. He and his team are focused on customers, community, education, and insights – with the goal of helping marketers run their teams like a business.

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  • Marketers constantly strive to show the ROI of their spend, so it’s critical that all stakeholders—including finance—agree on what that ROI is. Marketing leaders need to start with an honest assessment of their organization’s capability to measure ROI and identify any roadblocks to success. Thankfully, strategies and solutions exist that empower marketers to understand their ROI and make better decisions to support company growth.

    10 October 2021
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    VP of Customer Success & Insights