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Trusted advisor to prominent endowments, foundations, healthcare organizations, corporations, and family offices. I deliver thoughtful counsel to clients on their unique investment needs. This includes robust discussion of asset allocation and portfolio construction, investment manager evaluation, mission alignment, and overall investment policy.

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  • Revenues aren’t down nearly as much as people would have anticipated and that’s great. As for the endowment spend, most are staying the course.

  • There's no doubt that it's a tough time but it's incredibly exciting to see what higher education institutions are doing. There are some real challenges tied significantly to the pandemic. But beyond that, it’s gratifying to see not just the basic elements that you'd expect in terms of fiscal discipline and all the things schools are doing in that regard but everything they're doing to ensure that students gain access to a quality education in a safe way.

  • If you can afford it at all, ensuring that you maintain some level of exposure to private investments we think will be enormously helpful for our higher ed clients over time.