Samantha Humphries

Head of EMEA Marketing & Security Strategy at Exabeam
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Samantha has been happily entrenched in the cybersecurity industry for over 20 years. During this time she has helped hundreds of organizations of all shapes, sizes, and geographies recover and learn from cyberattacks, defined strategy for pioneering security products and technologies, and is a regular speaker at security conferences around the world.

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  • Written protocols and policies only go so far, and can be easily circumvented unless there are controls in place to prevent careless or malicious activities. Furthermore, without secure business processes and tooling in place to support employees, there is a risk that they may decide to disregard policy in favor of taking a quicker or easier option.

    22 September 2021
  • IT and Security is an ongoing process and needs to be front of mind as businesses innovate, not an afterthought. We need to work on shifting the mindsets of those who still consider security a ‘tick box exercise’, and realise there is no one rule that fits all. This is the challenge that IT professionals face every day.

    22 September 2021
  • In an industry that claims to be so ‘modern,’ it pains me that many cybersecurity organizations are upholding such archaic and sexist ideals that are reflected in the pay gap, especially in the U.S. and Australia. Still, it can be quite shocking to find such gender disparities on paper.

    12 January 2021
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  • Exabeam
    Head of EMEA Marketing & Security Strategy