Sanjay Sathe

Founder and CEO at SucceedSmart
On the record

Sanjay is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at SucceedSmart. Sanjay, a pioneer within the HR Technology space, also served as Founder and CEO of RiseSmart, which disrupted the $3B traditional outplacement industry by introducing a next-gen solution that leveraged AI. RiseSmart was acquired by Randstad for $100M in 2015. Sanjay then served as Founder and CEO of GenomeSmart, the first ever AI-based genetic risk assessment and test recommendation platform, acquired by Konica Minolta Precision Medicine in 2020. Both represent successful venture-backed exits.

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  • The traditional executive search market, which has dominated executive hiring for decades, is extremely transactional, exclusionary, and clubby by nature. Not only is the pricing exorbitant, but in most cases, corporations pay the majority of the fees upfront, regardless of whether the traditional executive search firm even places a candidate. Why do corporations continue down this path when, according to ESIX, over 40% of executive searches fail to make a viable hire? Similar to my experience at RiseSmart, where we launched a digital platform to disrupt the traditional outplacement industry, I knew that there had to be a better solution. With SucceedSmart, executives can look forward to focusing on anything but job searching, while corporations benefit from a platform that naturally lends itself to increasing diversity hires in leadership positions. I'm so proud of the early traction we've experienced and look forward to continuing to transform talent acquisition with our candidate-first platform.

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