Sanjeev Agrawal

President & Chief Operating Officer at LeanTaaS
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Sanjeev serves as the President and Chief Operating Officer at LeanTaaS, the leading health care predictive analytics company based in Silicon Valley. Sanjeev was Google’s first Head of Product Marketing. Since then, he has led three successful startups - CEO at Aloqa (acquired by Motorola), VP Products & Marketing at TellMe Networks (acquired by Microsoft) and Founder & CEO at Collegefeed (acquired by AfterCollege). Sanjeev graduated Phi Beta Kappa with an EECS degree from MIT and along the way spent time at McKinsey and Cisco Systems.

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  • When you create a system like this, with the competitiveness in the marketplace, the biggest currency you have as a community health system to attract surgical cases to your surgical center is access to the OR.

    28 October 2021
  • The company aims to help front-line staff make more informed and effective decisions, such as determining how many operating rooms to open when and at what staffing levels, and controlling OR capacity based on constraints such as a lack of personal protective equipment and intensive care unit beds.

    28 October 2021
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