Santosh Putchala

Director of Privacy at Kuma
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Santosh contributes to the privacy offering strategy and assurance activities at the firm and participates in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), privacy engineering, privacy by design, privacy by re-design engagements along with the general privacy engagements. With a background in cybersecurity, Santosh was drawn to this type of work because of his deep interest in research, privacy, and data protection. Santosh cites the best part about his job as the nature of the work and subject matter expertise of his colleagues.

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  • As more and more data is moving to the online space and captured, people need to be more aware of how their devices and apps are used to collect your personal information. For the most part, Apple and Google are diligent about removing risky apps from their app stores, and this happens in most cases prior to security reports being released by the app developers or being known to the public.

    24 July 2021
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