Saptarshi Choudhury

Director Emerging Technology at Farm to Plate
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Aligning the integrated stack of emerging technologies to achieve complex business objectives. Presently managing the overall portfolio of two indigenous product development of Paramount namely Farm2Plate and P2P energy trade.

The Farm2Plate envisions empowering consumers with trust in the food products they purchase from the retail outlets by unlocking values via a shared ledger.The transactional data of all the actors in the food supply chain is onboarded in an immutable distributed ledger aka blockchain to promote visibility.

The P2P energy trade solution envisions creating a new transactive energy marketplace transforming consumers as prosumers unlocking values behind the meter. The aim is to guarantee a resilient power system promoting a hyperlocal ecosystem and translating the scope to a bottom-up decentralized and distributed approach, serving the communities with affordable and reliable power.

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