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Sara Hussain is a first generation Bangladeshi American mother and creative director with an indomitable will. She is the founder of She's spoken on panels as a woman of color in cannabis, as a strategic businessperson in cannabis, and as a product creator. The Buddy and other Budwell products are available for inclusion in gifting guides.

The Buddy one-hitter:
About a decade ago, Sara Hussain was flying in and out of Washington, D.C., bass in hand, en route to play shows and party with her "stonerglam" band, Nihilitia. Shamelessly darting in and out of alleys to smoke, she loved the reliability and ease of one-hitters, but lamented the cloggy, fake metal cigarettes and fragile glass chillums that threatened to ruin a good time. Sara envisioned a simple, stylish one-hitter pipe that would look good on anyone and could withstand a rowdy night out.

The idea remained only a napkin sketch until Hussain found herself mired in postpartum depression coupled with the grief of losing her best friend and longtime bandmate, Brad. “At that point I was drowning in loss and became consumed with the idea of creating something new,” she explains. "What I wanted simply didn't exist, and I got tired of waiting for someone else to do something about it."

Armed with a law degree and a decade of experience working in branding, Sara began a series of escalating dares with herself to prove her concept and also bootstrap the entire operation. The pipe moved from prototyping to production, and in February 2019, BUDDY: The Conversation Piece™ launched to the public. By March 2021, BUDDY had sold out.

Growing up in the Midwest with Brown skin, a big mouth, and an infamous last name, she got comfortable standing out. Sara embraced her misfit energy and followed an unconventional path that has included living on Capitol Hill, working for the ACLU, consulting for Fortune 500 companies, and recording an album with a Grammy-nominated producer.

These days you can find Sara teaching her son music in their jam room or hauling vintage finds from estate sales. Like Budwell, she is committed to speaking truth to power and practicing conscientious consumption to reduce her impact on the biosphere.

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