Sarju Naran

Chair, Employment Law group at Hoge Fenton Jones & Appel
On the record

Chair of Hoge Fenton's Employment Law Group, Sarju’s experience spans from representing middle-market and family-owned closely held businesses to large multi-national companies. He regularly litigates and provides advice and counsel to companies on:
Wage and hour issues
Trade secret misappropriation
Employee mobility
Wrongful termination
Performance management
Leaves of absence

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  • Legal Source: Vaccine Mandates in a Tight Calif. Labor Market
    California employers currently find themselves in an interesting juxtaposition as they are in a tight labor market competing to attract and retain employees. However, with COVID-19 variant cases increasing, employers are also beginning to implement vaccine mandates for employees, including California teachers and school employees, and major companies like United Airlines, Tyson Foods, CNN, Walmart and Microsoft, with more to follow.
    Sarju Naran, Chair of Hoge Fenton’s Employment Law Group, says that employees currently have the upper hand. If employees refuse to comply with a mandate, employers may find themselves unable to follow-through with termination or consequences due to the current labor market. The mandates will only be effective if a majority of businesses enforce them uniformly – or if employers have good compensation packages that deter employees from risking their jobs.
    Please let me know if I can arrange a conversation with Sarju to discuss implications of employers considering vaccine mandates in California.

    11 August 2021
  • “At the heart of every company are its employees. Employees can be a company’s greatest asset and also its greatest source of legal risk. The risks can be particularly challenging in California, where the cards appear to be stacked against employers and the technical ‘gotchas’ and penalties are abundant. I collaborate with employers to shape their employment practices, help develop and maintain a positive corporate culture, address compliance issues strategically, and navigate through disputes that are often nuanced and emotionally charged.”

    11 August 2021
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