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I’m a Technology Entrepreneur who graduated from Moscow State University’s Physics department in 2001. I went on to carry out further studies at Germany’s Leipzig University. In 2009, I became involved in programming bots for trading on the international forex markets, making use of artificial neural networks. I later worked on trading operations and neural network trading systems for banks. For the past decade I’ve been helping improve business, banking and public administration systems using electronic payment mechanisms. In 2016 I joined Web3 Integrator as a CEO. In 2021 I founded Algonautics DMCC in UAE, Dubai. The main activity of the company is the development of short-term and long-term investment strategies for various types of assets.

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  • By activating NSBT staking and expanding its governance function, we are placing the final pieces for Neutrino protocol in motion. We now have a system that can mint stablecoins in virtually any denomination, and a democratic process for selecting new forex assets. We’ve reinforced stability of the protocol and have a self-sustaining ecosystem of value that we expect will only continue to grow.

    20 January 2021
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