Scott Kunes

Chief Operating Officer at Kunes Auto Group
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Scott Kunes is Chief Operating Officer of Kunes Auto Group, which owns 40 locations across the Midwest. Scott returned to the family business after working in Country Clubs around the country as a chef. He has experience in all areas of vehicle acquisition from online to at auction to private party. Scott can speak to the automotive industry, dealership specifics, vehicle acquisition and liquidation, marketing, SEO, branding, used car processes, automotive financing, management, team building, and more.

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  • “When interest rates rise, we typically see the industry and manufacturers respond with rate subsidy programs,” said Scott Kunes, chief operating officer at Kunes Auto Group, which owns over 40 auto dealerships across the Midwest. “While these are often a great deal, the customer should ensure they are working with a knowledgeable dealer that can recommend the best option within their budget. Often, taking rebates and an unsubsidized rate will be beneficial in the long run; other times, a lease may present itself as the best option.” - Scott Kunes for GoBankingRates on Aug. 16, 2022

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