Sean Engelking

Co-Founder and CEO at Starship
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Sean Engelking is the CEO and Co-founder of Starship, a modern, mobile health savings startup based in New York City that automatically invests excess contributions into low-fee index funds and ETFs. Starship's early customers include some of the largest gig economy companies in the world as well as large self-insured employers. Prior to founding Starship Sean worked with the NYSE Foundation on public financial literacy initiatives as well as a deep learning startup to solve large complex big data problems at today’s largest banks in Manhattan. He holds two degrees in behavioral economics from Butler University and The City College of New York.

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  • We’ve acquired more customers during the pandemic than in our company’s existence. Roughly half of the country no longer gets benefit from a traditional employer as we know it. That group is growing.

    6 December 2021
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    6 December 2021
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