Sean Pearson

Financial Advisor, Associate Vice President at Ameriprise Financial Services
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Some people make investment decisions a few times per year. I can help you make better financial decisions every day. I provide comprehensive financial planning for families, with a focus on our nation’s military and veterans. How can I serve you? Areas of Focus: Investments; Retirement Income Strategies; Family Finances; Insurance; Retirement Planning Strategies; Saving for Education

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  • Workers considering a 401(k) loan should ask themselves a few questions first, such as how much of an impact that distribution, if only in the form of a loan, could have on their retirement account balances and if their retirement can afford to have this much less money when it’s time. For many people who are not already ahead of pace in their retirement savings, the answer to that question might be no. Most financial decisions look different if you plot them along a timeline. For a 401(k) loan, it’s important to look at both the term of the loan and what that means for your future savings.

    18 July 2021
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