Sergey Gorbunov

CEO and co-founder at Axelar
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I work on building products, systems, and protocols that protect data and information in untrusted, distributed, and highly adversarial environments (such as in cloud-computing or blockchains).

Assist Prof UWaterloo | founding team member at Algorand; design and development of the platform; head of cryptography | PhD MIT | Software-Defined-Networks @UToronto | crypto @IBM | co-author of many crypto protocols & standards.

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  • We're currently in a testnet mode where ecosystems partners are learning how to setup nodes on the network, send transactions, and they help us to build monitoring tools, dashboards, and wallets integrations. We'll continue iterating through the testnet deployments adding more features and integrations until the network is robust and ready to launch.

    2 November 2021
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