Shanita Penny

Founder and CEO, Cannabis Consultant at Budding Solutions
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Shanita Penny M.B.A. is an internationally recognized management consultant with over a decade of experience in helping Fortune 500 companies solve complex issues and improve business performance. Her reputation as a strategic thinker and a results oriented leader was cultivated in management and consulting roles with companies such as Pepsico, McCormick and Company and JDA Software.

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  • By combining perspectives from highly regulated businesses, subject matter experts, and advocates including in the social justice space, we’re laying the foundation for a meaningful and thoughtful dialogue on federal cannabis policy. Led by science, research, and a deep understanding of history, this coalition will be laser-focused on addressing longstanding issues, including minority access to capital and criminal justice reform, to get a federal cannabis regulatory framework done right.

    22 June 2021
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  • Budding Solutions
    Founder and CEO, Cannabis Consultant