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Dr. Zablow attended the University of Virginia on a wrestling scholarship, completed his pre-medical studies in 1973 and continued on to medical school there graduating in 1977. During summer breaks, he participated in the development of an overnight camp for children with special needs established by the Department of Pediatrics called Camp Holiday Trails as a counselor then a nurse. As his practiced progressed, Dr. Zablow developed a clinical interest in how micronutrients contribute to psychologic and neurologic health. He will use this platform to explore the developments in the new medical science called Nutritional Psychiatry and its connection to healthy gene expression (epigenetics) and unhealthy chronic inflammation.

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  • Fatigue and muscle aches are nature's way of saying, take it easy and use all your energy to fight this thing and let the housekeeping go. Both COVID-19 and the flu share the symptom of a sore throat, reports the CDC. But if you experience a sore throat, especially if it's accompanied by the other symptoms on this list, assume you have COVID until you are tested, to be safe. Some individuals are describing headaches that they never experienced prior to COVID or that are substantially worsened by their infection," says Dr. Ashley. "COVID victims have described theirs as a jackhammer. As COVID progresses shortness of breath can occur as the antibody/viral complexes build up in the capillaries of the lung tissues that exchange oxygen. f this stage is reached, call your physician or urgent care.

    18 March 2021
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    18 March 2021
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