Shelly Antoniewicz

Senior Director of Industry and Financial Analysis at Investment Company Institute (ICI)
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Rochelle (Shelly) Antoniewicz, Senior Director of Industry and Financial Analysis at the Investment Company Institute, conducts research on the structure and trends of the ETF and mutual fund industries and on financial markets in the US and globally. Shelly also contributes to analysis on financial systemic risks and conducts economic analysis on the impacts of proposed laws and regulations governing funds.

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  • It is not surprising to see funds being liquidated or merged during periods when markets are volatile. Even the large fund operators are under a lot of competitive pressure and they are unable to keep a fund open that is not gaining investor traction.

    22 July 2021
  • Expense ratios for both actively managed and index mutual funds have declined over the past two decades because fund investing is an extremely competitive marketplace. Investors are seeking new, diverse investment options through funds, and data show they’re very cost-conscious, tending to concentrate assets in lower-cost funds when they invest.

    22 July 2021
  • Financial advisers follow asset allocation models and portfolio rebalancing and demographics are strong trends. The cumulative flow to bond funds lines up nicely with the percentage of the population over 65 years.

    22 July 2021
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    Senior Director of Industry and Financial Analysis