Shengyin Xu, Mindy Hernandez

Global Sustainability Manager, Lead Behavioral Science Advisor at World Resources Institute
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Shengyin is the Global Sustainability Manager at World Resources Institute. She works to ensure that the WRI is on track to “walk the talk” on organizational sustainability. Working with staff from across the institution, she helps to measure, reduce, and communicate the environmental impact of the organization. This includes calculating sustainability metrics like greenhouse gas emissions, strategizing and implementing impact reduction techniques, and engaging internal and external stakeholders in sustainability at the WRI.

Mindy is the Lead Behavioral Science Advisor at World Resources Institute. She is an applied behavioral researcher focusing on pro-social behaviors like energy conservation, voting, and medication adherence. Previously, Mindy advised governments, companies, donors, and NGOs around the world on applying behavioral science to measurably improve programs and policies, including working as a liaison to the White House’s Social and Behavioral Science Team for the U.S. Agency for International Development, as as a Fellow for the Federal Office of Evaluation Sciences and as a Senior Researcher with ideas42.

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  • Before the pandemic brought business travel to a halt and forced conferences online, a lot of people were skeptical that virtual conferences could ever replace in-person meetings. People felt that, after experiencing it for so many months, it was not only effective — it was feasible, even post-pandemic.

    20 March 2022
  • If air travel were in 2018 a country, it would be the sixth largest (CO2) emitter in the world. It's not an easy sector to decarbonise. We're not going to innovate our way out of this. It's up to us to change our behaviour.

    20 March 2022
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