Sheri Atwood

CEO & Founder at SupportPay
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Sheri Atwood is the Founder & CEO of child support payment platform SupportPay, and a former Silicon Valley executive. Atwood is a child of a bitter divorce who also went through her own divorce and created SupportPay when her search for a better way to exchange and communicate about child support payments with her ex-husband proved fruitless. Fast Company named Sheri one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business in 2017 for her work on inventing a digital solution to the child support payment process.

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  • The courts have been backlogged for months, which means the number of divorces in the last year is likely to surge once the paperwork catches up. At the same time, divorce alone no longer captures the whole story about co-parenting in the US today. The number of births outside of marriage continues to grow, and at least one third of children live with an unmarried or never married parent.

    2 January 2022
  • The No. 1 complaint is that (parents) don't believe (an expense) is the actual cost of an item.

    2 January 2022
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