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Founder | Chief Advisor '68 Partners at '68 Partners
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Sheri Tarr is the Founder and Chief advisor of ‘68PARTNERS, a consulting firm dedicated to helping life sciences stakeholders and cannabis companies build sustainable brands and businesses that have a transformative impact on consumers and patients. Sheri is a commercialization, compliance, and regulatory expert with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical sector, and the emerging cannabis and hemp industries. She first held leadership positions in sales and marketing with global responsibility in Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Then Sheri became an attorney who spent her career in the courtroom holding pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers accountable for deceptive marketing practices and defective manufacturing.

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  • For cannabis marketers and operators, getting packaging right is critical to the sustainability of any brand, and yet it is one of the more difficult aspects of bringing cannabis products to market. Unlike with most consumer-packaged goods, with cannabis products, numerous federal, state, and local agencies and regulatory authorities — FDA, FTC, DEA [Drug Enforcement Administration], and state departments of agriculture, health, and pharmacy, to name only a few — have varying levels of oversight authority. And each imposes its own rules, regulations, and guidelines for packaging of cannabis products.

    13 April 2022
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