Sherry Stein

Head of Technology Strategy, SITA Americas at SITA and 1 other company
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Sherry Stein has over 20 years in travel technology experience, with a passion for business transformation and technology innovation. In 2015, Sherry joined SITA Lab where she leads the strategic research program focused on co-innovation with industry partners to evaluate blockchain, biometrics, and digital data technologies as tools to create a secure, frictionless travel experience and simplify the complexity of air industry supply chain processes.

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  • Technology is going to play a much bigger role at airports than it ever has in the past and will be the key driver in creating every facet of a seamless travel journey. Airports are settings that involve so many different parties including airport and airline employees, security personnel, national aviation authorities and outside vendors. Adopting new technology helps them operate more efficiently and sustainably.

    10 May 2021
  • It verifies your identity, verifies that you have a boarding pass. And so, the agent's able to eliminate the need to take possession of the documents from the traveler. And so, it makes it a safe, low-touch experience for both the agent and the traveler alike.

    10 May 2021