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CEO & Founder of ComplYant at ComplYant
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Shiloh Johnson is a long time accountant and founder of ComplYant, a technology platform offering business owners and entrepreneurs a simple way to manage tax rules and requirements. Rooted in the firm belief that complex tax laws and nuanced regulations often create barriers for small or underrepresented business owners, her company’s mission is to ensure that organizations of all colors, shapes, and sizes have access to accurate fiscal guidance.

Recently, Shiloh Johnson was awarded a startup grant by the Annenberg Foundation and Pledge LA, along with capital from MuckerLab and Slauson & Co. She is a member of the Institute for Professionals in Taxation, American Institute of CPAs, and the National Association of Black Accountants.

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  • I've seen businesses go bankrupt because the inability to pay their taxes became hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt. They're paying people to manage audits, the lawyers and they're trying to back-pay bills all while they can barely afford to make payment plans with the government, when a lot of times it can be really simple like paying a $25 fee on the first.

    27 July 2022
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