Shimrit Tzur-David

CTO and Co-Founder at Secret Double Octopus
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  • The advantage of secret sharing in secure communication is due to its ability to safeguard the parties even in the case of a successful attack. These types of attack can be mitigated by breaking up the data to useless shares. In the case of nuclear missile codes, secret sharing could be applied to split and randomize the full launch code sequence among multiple authorized parties to ensure that no single individual possesses enough information to single-handedly, or accidentally, initiate a launch. Quantum key distribution is limited by many factors, first and foremost by the basic physical infrastructure needed for it to work, but secret sharing can be used for more than just key exchange. Actual information can be transferred securely by using secret sharing methods, regardless of the encryption type used.

    The growing use of (and dependency on) cloud computing, software-defined networks and connected edge devices, have brought many more ways to communicate so new parallel channels are available for things like key exchange – this is why breaking secrets is not only useful but very practical. Not only for added redundancy but for more robust security, in other areas, mainly wherever data-at-rest has to be secured, secret sharing has been more popular.

    26 September 2020
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