Shrina Kurani

Vice President Business at Republic
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Shrina Kurani is Vice President Business at Republic, democratizing access to capital through new regulation and technology. A fierce believer in the power of innovation to solve the world's most pressing problems, Shrina has four years of international experience supporting government projects and startups from London to the Himalayas. As a mechanical engineer by training, she loves building the entrepreneurial tech community the same way she builds machines: with a robust foundation and strong purpose. Shrina earned her M.S. from Sweden's top university for sustainability in Lund, and her B.S. from her hometown's UC Riverside. Her engineering projects include working on a lunar outpost for NASA and energy efficiency for the Southern California Gas Company.

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  • One piece of advice I have for aspiring VCs is: build a strong founder network. Be familiar with five to 10 companies that could be investment-worthy in the space you're interested in and be on friendly terms with at least three of them.

  • VCs have three top priorities: They're always fundraising for their next fund, supporting their portfolio companies (which also often involves fundraising), and finding the next hot company.

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