Sid Jawahar

Founder and Managing Partner at Swiftarc Ventures
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Sid is the Founder and Managing Partner of Swiftarc Ventures which focuses on the Consumer, Health & Wellness Industry with specific focus on the Consumer Technology, Enterprise Telehealth and Beauty Sectors across different life cycles. He founded Swiftarc Ventures along with his co-founders, Frank Krasovec and Zohar Ziv to offer exposure to promising early and growth-stage consumer companies in the US, leveraging the Firm's deep expertise in the industry.

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  • We had not really been participating directly in healthcare deals, which all changed when we saw telehealth becoming the next frontier. That led to a really deep, exhaustive 14-month study of the industry. We really wanted to roll up our sleeves and talk to the folks that had been in it for a long time. There’s a lot of really interesting fragmented activity in telehealth. We looked at 15 health centers, everything from cardiology to neurology to dermatology to see how virtual care would fundamentally augment how healthcare was being performed. And where we landed was on these three use cases we thought were the most efficacious today: mental health, obesity, and pediatrics.

    2 April 2022
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