Sina Chehrazi

Entrepreneur In Residence (W2020) & Mentor (Present) at Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator and 1 other company
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Sina is the CEO at Nayya, where they use AI and data science to personalize the way that consumers choose and use their benefits.

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  • Selecting the right insurance can be a difficult and costly process, particularly with added concerns and health risks brought on by the pandemic. Our investors recognize the power behind Nayya's technology to harness the massive proliferation of data produced across the healthcare and insurance industries. Leveraging AI and data science, we can highlight and manage plans that best match individual needs, at the same time putting dollars back into American households during the rest of the year -- at a time they need it most.

    3 May 2021
  • With almost half of US employees expressing frustration or confusion with current health benefits processes, we are eager to help insurers, brokers, and employers close the benefits gap with a personalized solution, backed by data, that helps employees choose the right benefits given their lifestyle and needs.

    3 May 2021
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