Slava Bocharov

CEO and Founder at Buyk
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Accomplished entrepreneur with 20 years of executive experience in retail operations, logistics and supply chain management. I cut my teeth in managing massive convenience store operations at a publicly-traded, traditional brick-and-mortar retailer, but since 2017 together with my partner Rodion Shishkov I have been focused on pioneering ultrafast 15-minute grocery delivery – first through Samokat in Russia and now through Buyk in the United States. My vision is to make “real-time retail” a reality for the average consumer.

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  • We all know how New Yorkers value their time – it is the single most precious commodity in this fast-paced metropolis. So, it is essential that we expand our service to people across the city as quickly as possible, letting all New Yorkers experience the convenience of our 15 minute delivery.

    28 November 2021
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    28 November 2021
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