Sloane Barbour

Chief Revenue Officer at FlowerHire
On the record

Sloane Barbour is the Chief Revenue Officer at FlowerHire. He is an entrepreneurial and creative business leader with a passion for building world class teams in a high performance and inclusive company culture. Sloane has extensive experience leading teams of up to 60 people and driving annual revenues in the 8 figures. He has had 14 years of Sales, Recruiting, and Talent Strategy experience in Tech and Business sectors.

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  • With the pandemic where people are spending more time indoors without as much to do with a lot of anxiety, people will always self-medicate. Traditionally that's been alcohol, and unfortunately it also can be things like opioids. But more and more we're seeing people turn to the cannabis plant, which is a healthier, safer alternative to sort of those other anti-anxiety medications.

    20 July 2021
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