Spencer Critchley

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Writer, communication consultant (Obama for America, US Rep. Sam Farr, others), author of "Patriots of Two Nations: Why Trump Was Inevitable and What Happens Next," host of "Dastardly Cleverness in the Service of Good" podcast. Interviewed/quoted: ABC News, AP, Bloomberg Radio, CBC, CBS Radio, Christian Science Monitor, CTV News (Canada), Daily Mail (UK), Deutsche Welle, Fox News, The Hill, ITV (UK), Los Angeles Times, NBC, Newsweek, NPR, Saturday Evening Post, Sky News (UK and Australia), Toronto Star, USA Today, others.

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  • Fox News, 11/3/2021: I'm frankly a little bit worried that Democrats will take the wrong lesson from [Terry McAuliffe's loss in the VA Governor election]. I often say that Democrats are really good at policy and not very good at all at politics. And I also say your enemy is not your enemy, your enemy is your teacher. And Republicans keep giving Democrats free lessons in how to do politics without making everything about the details of policy and Democrats seem not be learning that lesson. That's not true of all of them; we've had great exceptions like Barack Obama, Bill Clinton. I think actually Joe Biden is very strong in this area: he leads from both the head and the heart. But in general, Democrats tend to be stuck in their heads and they just want to argue "Should we be farther left? More to the middle?" — this detail, that detail, and that's not the lesson to take from this.

    29 December 2021
  • Newsweek, 10/14/21: "People look at [CA Governor Gavin Newsom] and see him looking like your classic, good looking, smart, technocratic Californian," Spencer Critchley, a communications adviser on both of former President Barack Obama's campaigns, told Newsweek...

    With a "natural gift" for communicating with people in an authentic, emotional way, according to Critchley, Biden marketed himself to voters as a moderate Democrat who understood the needs of the middle class, having grown up in a Scranton, Pennsylvania, family that felt the effects of a local economic downturn...

    "Trump could take back the White House no matter who his opponent," Critchley said, although he believes a Biden, Harris ticket would make it "really hard" for Trump to win.


    29 December 2021
  • Toronto Star, 11/7/2020: Something like 48 per cent of American voters cast ballots for Trump. Those who support him, believe him. More than that, they believe in him, in a way the Democratic political strategist and author Spencer Critchley told me is almost religion—they are loyal to him, Critchley says, like to a medieval king chosen by God.


    29 December 2021
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