Sri Reddy

Senior Vice President, Retirement and Income Solutions at Principal Financial Group
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Sri is the Senior Vice President of Retirement and Income Solutions at Principal Financial Group, a trillion dollar trust and custody provider, a retirement income leader providing pension risk transfer solutions and annuities and Iowa's largest domiciled bank. He is a leader of principal’s trust and custody, retail annuity, pension risk transfer, and principal bank businesses. Sri is responsible for the overall strategic performance and growth of the division by overseeing distribution, relationship management, product line management, operations, customer experience, marketing, and financial management. He has enterprise accountability for serving as a thought and practice leader and policy influencer for individual savings and retirement income.

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  • We’ve seen continued demand from individuals nearing retirement and current retirees who are looking for investment options that offer growth potential while reducing risk. And our research shows 66% of investors place equal value on protecting savings and maximizing gains1. Our new buffer accounts are a solution that provide savers the ability to accumulate on the upside while buffering against market downturns at a competitive cost. They were designed for moments like now when inflationary pressures, rising interest rates, and fears of a recession are causing market uncertainty. We don’t know how long this market cycle is going to last, so we’re striving to enable better outcomes for investors in a time of uncertainty. Our buffer accounts have a shorter, one-year defined outcome period and will reset annually to adjust to future market conditions to help safeguard investments while still enabling growth accumulation.

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