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Jonathan Hook, has worked in the accountancy field for the last 23 years specialising in revenue law. He has an economics degree at Macquarie University and has previously worked in the Taxation Division at Coopers & Lybrand (now PriceWaterhouseCoopers). He has completed the CPA program in Australia, receiving the top awards for taxation as well as receiving the highest awards for the UK’s Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) personal and business taxation qualifications.
Jon started MacInnes Whisky in 2021 after looking into Whisky Investment for one of his clients. He quickly realised that lost of the existing firms had little to no financial experience, and lacked credibility. He read that customers had been mislead and mis-sold investments and so decided to try to make a positive change in the industry and started MacInnes. To our knowledge MacInnes Whisky remains the only UK Cask Whisky investment firm run by an accredited accountant.

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  • “I started the company as I had been looking at investing in whisky myself, after several clients enquired about it, but as I researched the companies available, I found that they lacked credibility.” “Some of the other investment firms sell only trade names, not brands, and lots of them sell from a broker list, rather than having already bought the casks themselves. This means the end client could end up purchasing something different to that which they originally wanted and others buying what they might have thought was say, a Highland Park, but in fact was a cask of the distillery's trade cask whisky. I hate seeing consumers mislead, and thought to myself, wouldn't it be really great if we could do something to improve the industry”.

    15 October 2021
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