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  • COVID-19 has brought on The Great Reset. Every company is affected by the great reset and falls somewhere across this spectrum of three distinct tiers: those that are ahead of the curve, ‘precariously teetering’ on the curve, and behind the curve. What’s the curve? The curve represents the degree to which one’s business model is either analog or digital. In The Great Reset, integrated experiences are the new norm.

  • Many of these organizations are likely to have shut down operations permanently after realizing that government relief loans to cover payrolls and other expenses for eight weeks simply wouldn’t sustain them. In the case of restaurants, those that did not seriously consider incorporating app-based ordering and take out (or curbside pickup) before COVID-19 found it a bit more complicated to switch to a 100% digital ordering model.

    As it turns out, simply “signing up” for UberEats, GrubHub, or other app-based ordering platform requires some forethought to actually work. First, there is an adjustment to your financials when you begin, as you learn to cope with the fees. Second, there’s acquiring the necessary devices to manage incoming orders - and most times you need one tablet device per food delivery platform. Third, there’s the people factor - are the wait and kitchen staff ready to handle a totally new set of processes they were probably not familiar with?

  • Being "digital" means that every part of your business model that could be digitized, is digitized in a way that creates distinct, integrated experiences and value for customers AND employees.

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