Stefan Ulrich

European Gas Analyst at BloombergNEF
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European Gas Associate at BloombergNEF covering market fundamentals across the balance. Responsible for the European section of the Global Gas Outlook and other publications. Passionate about researching the future of gas in the energy transition.

Previously spent nearly three years at Energy Aspects were I was responsible for Petrochemicals and Gas demand forecasting to 2040 as part of the Long Term service. I also led analysis on a 5 year LNG Market Outlook and spent time with various teams across different commodity markets.

I graduated from Cambridge in 2017 with a Masters in Natural Sciences specialising in Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate Science. Fluent in German with joint US/UK Citizenship. Wide range of interests and experiences have given me a broad outlook and skill set.

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  • The fact that Gazprom claims there are such widespread technical issues in the compressors at Portovaya is very surprising given the previous reliability of Nord Stream flows and Gazpromā€™s operations in general.

    13 August 2022
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